Simline GT3 CUP

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The Simline Steering Wheel is exactly the same as the original Porsche 991.2 GT3 CUP except it fits perfectly with the Simucube, Simagic, Fanatec and many other bases that allow the steering wheel to be mounted to a 6x70mm quick release mechanism.
This model uses a seamless piping steering wheel like the real Porsche GT3 CUP.

The carbon button panel and the buttons themselves are also taken from the real steering wheel.

The petals are made of carbon fiber, the petal mechanism is magnetic.

The push button box connects via USB, making it the most versatile solution for any control base.

The Simline Porsche GT3 CUP steering wheel - will be a great addition for both Porsche connoisseurs and those who like to use solutions from real cars in their simulators!