Monitor or TV mount up to 45" for Trak Racer 800mm cockpits

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Trak Racer Black anodized aluminum Integrated single Sim-Rig monitor stand - for monitors and TVs up to 80" with 800mm / 31.5" center monitor profile

Trak Racer is the official provider of Alpine F1 Team and Airbus Aircraft simulators.

The Trak Racer monitor stands fit most monitors on the market with VESA mounting points (75/100/150/200/300/400mm) and come with a 5-year warranty.

Enhance your gaming, entertainment or business experience with the high-quality Trak Racer monitor stand. Designed to mount directly onto an extruded aluminum sim platform with 2 or more rows of T-Slots. Adjustable height, bracket width and back/front to allow you to position your monitors in the perfect position.

After being fully immersed in the games? Upgrade to the Optional Trak Racer Side Arms to accommodate three monitors or add a Quad Mount for a fourth monitor!


Trak Racer Integrated Single Monitor Stands hold monitors or TVs up to 80" (2, 3 or 4 optional) and are built to the same high-end design that the Trak Racer is renowned for.

A universal fit-all design makes this monitor stand suitable for most displays up to 80" when used with a single monitor, or monitors up to 3 x 34" (excluding ultrawide) when used as a triple handle (additional parts required). The size of the display will depend on the mounting points on the back of the display.
Universal and fully adjustable for most extruded aluminum T-Slot cockpits
Fully adjustable allows you to adjust the width of the bracket and the height of the display
Adjusting the angle of the monitor(s) (if you purchased a three- or four-monitor stand - additional parts not included)
Strong 80mm x 40mm extruded aluminum construction
Solid brackets mounted on the platform
Angle adjustment on VESA mount
Built to a high quality standard like all Trak Racer products
Easy setting
Attention. The middle profile of the monitor is 800 mm / 31.5 inches long.


Width: 800mm
Depth: 600mm

75mm x 75mm
100mm x 100mm
150mm x 150mm (via included extension bracket)
200mm x 200mm (via included extension bracket)
300mm x 300mm (via included extension bracket)
400mm x 400mm (via included extension bracket)
Attention. Larger sizes available with additional fixing

Trak Racer thick carbon steel mounting brackets and mounting bolts/nuts
VESA mounting plate and mounting screws/nuts and VESA extension brackets
Trak Racer 80mm x 40mm aluminum frame and mounting bolts/nuts
Optional - Additional arms with three monitors or additional arms with four/second monitors