Simucube Quick Release

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Jeśli chcecie zapłacić w PLN, prosimy o złożenie zamówienia i wybranie płatności przelewem w złotówkach. Kwota do zapłaty przelicza się według aktualnego kursu NBP.

Simucube Quick Release kit that comes with 30mm. distance and 70mm. wheel adapter.

Becoming a multi-class racing car champion is finally a reality without a single compromise. Different types of wheels can be changed quickly and safely thanks to the robust metal quick release mechanism and low-latency wireless connection of the wheels.

Precision-machined all-metal Simucube Quick Release guarantees zero backlash and solid operation even under the extreme torque of the direct drive wheelbase.

The guide rail design ensures perfect locking every time, and the spring-loaded pin mechanism ensures a tight connection without degradation over thousands of replacement cycles. Just like the rest of the Simucube

The SQR was built to be virtually immortal. The only virtually wearable part, the spring-loaded pin mechanism, is made from standard stock parts, making it user serviceable.

What's included?
Quick Release SQR-W Wheel side
SQR-SPA30-R2 - 30mm. wheel distance
SQR-AD70-R2 70mm wheel adapter.
M5X15mm. screws