Simagic TB-RS

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The TB-RS hydraulic handbrake, equipped with a hydraulic system in one of the most important parts of drifting, is a new, top-class accessory from SIMAGIC.

A unique hydraulic system, an authentic copy of a real braking system. Reproduces 1:1 braking sensations when fully immersed. Innovative elastomers designed for easy replacement. Get exactly the experience you want. Precision drag for exciting rally/drift racing. A solid choice for enthusiasts who value authenticity.

The hydraulic system was designed and recommended by racing engineers. Nine elastomers with four stiffness variants that can be adapted to different forces. Easily recreate the experience of driving a race car.

The adjustable handle offers four different angles. The innovative design of the rotating hydraulic tank allows it to be installed in various positions. The handbrake can be used vertically or horizontally. Suitable for almost any sitting or steering position.

High-quality aluminum alloy construction ensures maximum durability. Maintains optimal performance during intensive use. Exquisite craftsmanship that offers exceptional value for money. Precision CNC machining for higher accuracy. It ensures precise and unrivaled driving during drifting and rallies.

Interchangeable grips compatible with a variety of aftermarket grip kits to meet each player's individual needs.