Simagic TB-1 Handbrake

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The new Simagic handbrake is the destination for rally, drift and Gran Turismo enthusiasts. Thanks to the 2-stage system and a high level of personalization, it will be able to faithfully reproduce the sensations of both road and track cars.

Technical properties:

Aluminum frame CNC machined from solid material for maximum strength and durability over time.
Faithfully experience the feel of a real car handbrake with the new 2-stage system designed and patented by Simagic.
Change feeling quickly with high-strength Simagic elastomers.
Use the handbrake in different positions thanks to the Dual Switch mode integrated in the Simagic TB-1. You'll be able to switch from a street car to a track car in no time.
Brake with millimeter precision thanks to the latest generation 100 kg load cell.
Compatible with all workstations thanks to multiple mounting systems.
Use Simagic Handbrake without any knowledge thanks to the 100% plug & play configuration.
Customize signal curves with Simagic ecosystem software. Perfect for riders looking for maximum customization.
Dimensions: 350mm (height) x 180mm (length) x 66mm (width)
Weight 1.3 kg