Simagic GTS Steering wheel

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Compact, versatile and ergonomic

Sporty, lightweight and versatile, the 300mm diameter handlebar gives you full control during your gaming sessions.
The semi-stitching technique reduces the discomfort caused by prolonged use, making you one with your vehicle and allowing you to truly immerse yourself in it.

Rigorous manufacturing process - exceptional build quality

Magnesium-aluminum alloy competition body, light and strong.
The handles are made of two different types of materials to choose from:
Leather handles with a special non-slip, sweat-proof coating
Alcantara handle for more precise control during intensive riding

A steering wheel for every motorsport:
Rally, track, drift, formula, truck… The GTS will satisfy every need

Unique and attractive design
Patented self-adhesive button stickers, easy to stick.
128 reasons to create your own exclusive steering wheel.

Unparalleled accuracy at your fingertips

The patented HALL module is designed for quick shifting, precise activation and long life.

The paddles allow telescopic and reach adjustment.
There are two 7-way multi-position switches and 2 minimum-throw rotary encoders to maximize tactile feedback.

Also on the front body, there are 7 customizable RGB buttons, patented, distinctive and dynamic engine speed lights with a soft glow.
With 9 LEDs, you can customize the rotation speed display.

Next generation driving software: SimPro Manager