Simagic GT4-C Steering wheel

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The Simagic GT4 is a GT/Formula steering wheel from Simagic. Advanced electronics and durable aluminum construction make it the best steering wheel for Simagic bases.

The handlebar is made of aluminum, CNC milled, black anodized and finished with a silicone grip.

The GT4 is equipped with 8 programmable RGB buttons, 4 joysticks and 4 encoder wheels. The steering wheel communicates wirelessly with the Simagic M10 and Alpha bases.

Technical properties
* Diameter: 300mm
*High quality handle
*CNC machined aluminum button housing
* Carbon fiber components
* Wireless communication
* 8 programmable RGB buttons
* Equipped with Simagic Quick-Release
* Compatible with Simagic M10 and Simagic Alpha bases