Simagic FX PRO Steering wheel

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Simagic FX Pro was created to provide the best experience for all formula and GT3 enthusiasts. The steering wheel was designed with the support of professional drivers and motorsport engineers, giving birth to a 1:1 scale product with reality.

To guarantee a top-notch product for all sim racing enthusiasts, Simagic has used the best materials, including real carbon fiber and CNC aluminum, black anodized and finished with a silicone grip.

In addition, Simagic FX Pro is equipped with 12 programmable buttons with RGB LEDs, 5 rotary encoders, 1 multifunctional joystick and 5 thumb encoders. The steering wheel communicates wirelessly with Simagic Alpha Mini and Alpha stands.

Technical properties:

Diameter: 290mm
Soft silicone grip
5mm carbon fiber button housing
New patented 4.3″ display for instrumentation visualization
New patented Simagic button feedback. Short stroke with clear feedback
New module with 6 patented magnetic paddles for maximum precision and haptic feedback
The new S-Ray LED diode patented by Simagic with the possibility of customization
New SimPro Manager software for advanced software customization
Monitor real-time data for multiple telemetry systems with specially customized screen settings for multiple scenes
Weight 1500 g e.g
wireless communication
12 programmable RGB buttons
4 thumb encoders
5 rotary encoders
1 multi-position 7-way switch
6 shifter modules: 2 shift paddles, 2 customizable shift paddles and 2 clutch paddles supporting SimPro Manager button mode.
Equipped with Quick-Release Simagic 50mm
Compatible with Simagic Alpha and Simagic Alpha Mini bases