Qubic System QS-V20

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QS-V20 is an extensive 4DoF moving cockpit, designed for simulating professional racing cars, dedicated to both driver training and simulation racing enthusiasts. The motion system, based on the world's fastest linear actuator technology, provides the driver with an incredible level of vehicle feedback. This motion platform is suitable for rally, GT and F1 simulations, and its small footprint and lightweight design allows the machine to fit into any racing room.

Key Features:

* Based on the world's fastest Qubic System linear actuators
*Compact and lightweight design
* Suitable for rally, GT and F1 simulations
*Supported by dedicated QubicManager software: motion regulation, motion post-processing, extensive diagnostics and easy and quick use of predefined profiles
*Loss of traction
* Also available as an expansion kit from 3DOF to 4DOF of QS-220-PL actuators
* Adjustable seat, pedals and direct drive assembly
* Compatibility with FIA approved seats and seat belts
* Proudly made in the EU: designed, engineered and manufactured in Poland

What's included:

The QS-V20 is transported in a specially adapted transport box.
QS-V20 box included:
*QS-V20 motion platform
* QubicManager software download
*USB and power cables
*Nuts and bolts required for assembly
* User manual

Technical Specifications

Architecture: 4DOF with LOSS OF TRACTION
Maximum speed: 900 mm/s
Maximum acceleration: 0.88G
Vibration frequency range: 0-100 Hz
Maximum control frequency: 1000 Hz
Latency: <8ms
Lift: – 50 mm, 50 mm Roll: – 8.5°, 8.5° Tilt: – 5.5°, 5.5° Tilt: – 6.1°, 6.1°
Total length: 1715 mm | 67.52 inTotal width: 1097 mm | 43.19 inch Total height: 1042 mm | 41.02 inches
Maximum user weight: 150 kg | 330.7 lbs