Qubic System QS-CH2

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2DoF motion platform that provides SURGE and YAW motion to even better sense vehicle traction loss, braking and acceleration. The motion system, based on the world's fastest linear actuator technology, provides the driver with an incredible level of vehicle feedback. This motion platform is suitable for rally, drift, GT and F1 simulations. The platform is fully compatible with the Qubic System 3DOF actuator kit and the QS-CH1 mobile cockpit.

QS-CH2 provides the most precise sense of traction loss by moving the entire cockpit. The motion system is based on the world's fastest linear actuator technology, which provides the driver with an incredible level of instant feedback. This motion platform is suitable for rallies, drifting and all racing simulations. By providing an oversteer effect, the platform can be effectively used to train racing drivers in real-world conditions and in simulators, allowing them to feel what is happening to the front and rear of the vehicle.

The QS-CH2 platform is designed to provide the most immersive feeling of loss of grip by teaching them positive reactions and developing the muscle memory necessary to keep the vehicle on the best possible racing line. Drivers must fully control the skidding of the front and rear wheels of their vehicles. They want to master the balance between completely losing grip and entering corners smoothly.

The QS-CH2 traction loss platform + surge protection platform is a single part of the whole set. The QS-CH2 loss of traction motion platform may not seem like a necessity, but riders who try loss of traction and get used to it have a hard time coming back.
*Overbraking is when you brake too hard, causing the wheels to lock. The traction loss platform moves the platform, simulating the g-force acting backwards on the driver's body.
* Oversteering occurs when the rear of the virtual vehicle skids due to the steering wheel being turned too hard. The loss of traction simulator moves the cockpit sideways relative to the direction of oversteer. When excessively turning, the rear of the vehicle primarily slides.
* Over-acceleration occurs when the driver presses the throttle too hard and too fast, causing the vehicle to rotate in the selected position. The traction loss platform moves the cockpit rearward, simulating the G-force acting forward on the driver's body.

QS-CH2 allows you to easily expand the capabilities of your cockpits by adding SURGE and YAW movements. By introducing technology in the QS-220-PL, you can achieve extraordinary precision and fluidity of movements. MotionSystems engineers also took care to reduce noise, which often interferes with perfect immersion in the motion platform.

QS-CH2 adds two additional axes of freedom to the movement. The high dynamic range of motion in the SURGE axis combined with the wide range of motion in the YAW axis enhances the experience and provides an extremely realistic user experience.