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Jeśli chcecie zapłacić w PLN, prosimy o złożenie zamówienia i wybranie płatności przelewem w złotówkach. Kwota do zapłaty przelicza się według aktualnego kursu NBP.

With the PROSIMU T1000 3M you will experience completely new sensations. Now you can feel the rear of your car thanks to the traction loss system built into the chassis.
The PROSIMU T1000 3M Grip Loss System gives a very distinctive feel, allowing you to feel the loss of grip or the car's breathlessness. Stay on the road in all conditions with the PROSIMU T1000 3M

- Adjustable seat supports allow comfortable tilting of the seat.
- Adjustable and tilting pedal platform for optimal riding position.
- Two Dyadic SCN6 front drives for dynamic platform development.
- Extremely durable metal frame specially designed for dynamic applications.
- Pendulum system ensuring uniform movement of the chassis in two axes.

*Sports seat supplied for a fee