A new project in Madeira, Portugal by the SimHub Europe team

A new project in Madeira, Portugal by the SimHub Europe team

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of a cutting-edge simulator assembled by SIMHUB for one of our esteemed clients in the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal. This passionate motorsport enthusiast, who actively participates in both drifting and circuit racing, had a clear vision: to create a simulator that could provide optimal training for both disciplines. And we were more than ready to make that vision a reality.

The heart of this extraordinary simulator is the TrakRacer TR160 cockpit, renowned for its sturdy construction and immersive design. With its ergonomic seating position and adjustable components, it ensures maximum comfort and realism during intense racing sessions.

To deliver unrivaled force feedback, we integrated the Simucube 2 Ultimate wheel base. This high-performance wheel base offers unparalleled precision, responsiveness and additional fine-tuning options in TrueDrive software when comparing to Simucube 2 Pro or Sport. Providing an immersive driving experience that closely mirrors real-life racing conditions.

For precise and reliable control, we incorporated the Heusinkveld Ultimate + pedals, renowned for their exceptional build quality and unparalleled adjustability. These pedals enable our client to fine-tune their braking and acceleration inputs, allowing them to optimize their performance on both drifting and circuit racing tracks.

To add an extra level of authenticity, we included the Heusinkveld handbrake and the Fanatec SQ shifter. These peripherals enable our client to execute precise handbrake turns during drifting and execute seamless gear shifts during circuit races, enhancing their overall driving experience.

Versatility was a key consideration, which led us to equip the simulator with two steering wheels. For circuit racing, we integrated the MOMO mod. 30 wheel with a SRB button box, providing a comprehensive array of controls at the driver's fingertips. Additionally, for drifting, we incorporated the 330mm OMP rally wheel, ensuring precise and intuitive control during sideways maneuvers.

To keep vital information readily available to the driver, we installed an additional SIMLINE dashboard, providing real-time telemetry data and essential racing information at a glance. The visual experience is brought to life on the Samsung G9 Odyssey screen, delivering stunning visuals and immersive gameplay.

To power this remarkable setup, we included a high-end PC capable of handling the most demanding simulator titles available, ensuring smooth and realistic performance.

With the completion of this state-of-the-art simulator, our client in Madeira is now equipped with an unparalleled training tool. They can hone their skills, refine their techniques, and push their limits in both drifting and circuit racing, all from the comfort of their own home. SIMHUB takes pride in delivering customized solutions that exceed expectations, and this simulator is a testament to our commitment to providing the ultimate racing experience.

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