SIMHUB proudly presents the ultimate simulators assembled for Lukyanov Motorsport

SIMHUB proudly presents the ultimate simulators assembled for Lukyanov Motorsport

SIMHUB proudly presents the ultimate simulators assembled for Lukyanov Motorsport, a professional drifting team based in Kyiv, Ukraine. With a goal to optimize their training and elevate their performance, they entrusted us to create two identical simulators that would meet their demanding requirements. This setup enables them to drift simultaneously, mimicking the dynamics and intensity of live drifting competitions.

By drifting side by side in the simulators, the team can simulate the thrill and challenges of real drift battles. They can practice close proximity drifting, initiating and maintaining tandem drifts, and executing precise transitions.

At the core of these exceptional simulators is the TrakRacer TR160 cockpit, providing a sturdy and immersive racing experience. Complemented by the TrakRacer bucket seats, these simulators ensure maximum comfort and stability during intense drifting sessions.

For unparalleled force feedback and precision, we integrated the Simucube Pro wheel base. This high-performance wheel base offers unrivaled realism, allowing the team to train with the utmost accuracy and responsiveness.

To enhance control and simulate real-world conditions, we incorporated the MECA CUP 1 pedals. Renowned for their high-quality build and precise calibration, these pedals enable the team to fine-tune their acceleration and braking inputs for optimal performance.

Authenticity is key in drifting, which is why we integrated the Heusinkveld handbrake and SQ shifter. These peripherals provide realistic control over the drifts, allowing the team to practice their techniques and hone their skills.

For added versatility, we supplied a 330mm OMP rally wheel specifically designed for drifting. Additionally, we included the SimLine GT3 Huracan wireless wheel for whenever the team wants to indulge in some circuit racing fun, expanding their training possibilities.

To deliver an immersive visual experience, we provided a triple screen setup featuring three 27-inch high-resolution Asus ROG displays. With the ASUS bezel-free kit, the screens seamlessly blend together, eliminating bezel distractions and creating a truly captivating environment.

Powering these remarkable setups are high-end PCs meticulously assembled by our specialists. These PCs are specifically tailored to handle the latest simulator titles, ensuring smooth performance and realistic gameplay.

With these identical simulators, Lukyanov Motorsport now possesses an invaluable training tool. They can refine their drifting skills, test new techniques, and prepare for competitions with unprecedented precision and realism. SIMHUB is proud to have delivered customized solutions that empower the team to excel in their racing endeavors.

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